Nicole Cramer

Name: Nicole Flora Cramer - find me on Facebook with my full name or instagram @nicolefloracramer 

Hometown: Originally from Manhattan, New York City, USA; now living in Nagu

Education (and teacher training): 

The Horace Mann School- Graduate with Honors in Science (2004-NY,USA)

Georgetown University- B.A. French Language + Literature (2008-DC, USA)

Downstate College of Medicine- M.D. Candidate (2009-2011)

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Sacred Paths Yoga (2018-Mal Pais, Costa Rica)

25-hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, Lotus Flow University (2018-NY, USA)
40-hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Tula Movement Arts (2019-OR, USA)
Aerial Yoga Apprenticeship Program, Om Factory School of Yoga (2020-NY, USA)
Yoga + Plant Medicine Mentorship with Sam Bianchini (2021, online)

Sacred Facilitator Training, The Global Sisterhood (2022, online)

Interests: functional + intuitive movement; neuroscience + neuropsychology; the rise of the feminine; holistic health + healing; gut healing + plant medicine; conscious eating; music + dance; gardening + harvesting local wild edible or medicinal plants; circus + acrobatics; global travel 

When did you start your teaching career at the institute: 2022

Your dream course, what course would you most like to attend: learning to create your own compost + build a permaculture garden

What inspires you as a teacher: sharing my knowledge + learning from my students as well

A brief message for your future course participants: Your body is a temple, let's treat it that way. All ages, bodies + ability levels are welcome in my classes. No previous yoga experience required. 

Anything else you want to tell us: Thank you for the opportunity to teach with Kombi!